What is online Marketing ? Do you care to know ?

What is online Marketing ?

Am happy to share with you this piece on what online marketing is all about . Lets take a look at what is marketing ? Marketing is the action  of a  business which involves promotion of their products or services, including market research and advertising. Marketing is strategic. To succeed, you need highly focused goals. You need a framework for a salable,  framework. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an advanced marketer — this fact will always remain true. If you run without direction, you’ll end up wasting two of your company’s most valuable assets: time and money.

Now that we have explained what marketing is all about we can proceed to understand the meaning of  online marketing. From my explanation above we can quickly discover the meaning of online marketing but i won’t assume you know it , the additional word is online. The internet has transformed business marketing. No matter what you do, the internet is likely to be at the heart of your marketing strategy due to the global transformation. Unknowingly you might be engaging in online marketing perhaps on social media platforms such as Facebook , Twitter,Linkedin  , You might ask me how ! Yes you are engaging in online marketing if you advertise your products or services online . How ever their are more to online marketing than you think which we will be explaining on other articles of this blog.

What is the difference between online marketing, internet marketing and  Digital marketing ?

Don’t get confused they are all the same but online marketing is the major keyword , well due to the global transformation their as been a shift in web analyst calling it online marketing they most times call it digital marketing from the additional word digital age but they are all have the same meaning  .

How can online Marketing help my business ?

  • Build brand awareness about products, features, or services
  • Engage prospects at both ends of the interest spectrum – when they’re most intrigued and when they’ve gone cold.
  • Grow business with existing customers and clients.

How can i put my company/business online ?

Step one : Is to create a business website. The website can be an online store where people can search and purchase there products or might be a resource page to engage potential customers before they visit your office or give you a call. Having a website gives the opportunity to tell your customers about your business and if done well it will improve your sales.  However with out a website you can still make your promotions online but as a Digital marketing expert  i recommend creating a website is the first step . You may like to read What is a website ?

Key things you should take note when you want to embark into online marketing activities .

  • Marketing starts with your customers. Before launching any campaign, make sure to do your due diligence to truly understand what your customers want and need. Remember that they are always the top priority. Why else does your business exist?
  • Beyond prioritizing your customers’ needs and values, make sure to understand the path they’re taking to sales.
  • Ignore marketing experts who tell you to ‘just start testing.’ This is an over-simplification that will end up costing your company time and money. Instead, you need to start testing with a plan. And that plan should completely revolve around your company’s prospects and customers. No exception.

Our Next Article will be expressing a broad way of online marketing and how it works .  Don’t forget to leave a comment , it shows how readers find our write ups useful, in case you have questions don’t hesitate to ask . 


My name is Alamu Akinyemi peter a Digital Marketing Specialist currently the CEO of Climaxbox Digital Marketing Agency . I love improving business with my Marketing Skills and sharing my research update with people who care to know.

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