SEO Scams you need to check while hiring an SEO Company

Let’s take a Look at SEO Scams you should take note of before hiring a SEO expert or SEO Company . First read my Quote !

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.

It takes patience and lots of planning to see results.

And along the way, you’ll probably experience bumps in the road that require you adjust your strategy.

SEO Scams you need to check while hiring an SEO Company

A discussion with my client few days ago provoked my thought, which is why i decided to bring up this piece . Have you been scammed by SEO Experts ? 

If you plan to have a long and fruitful relationship with your web marketing expert then these important questions will help you select the correct seo expert.

Learn how to make a proper selection and stop getting scammed by quwaks.

  • Have you helped businesses similar to mine with SEO?

    If the answer to this question is yes, that’s great! Ask to see examples. If the answer is no, don’t panic, but ask what expertise they have that relate to your business.

  • How much of your SEO work will you do in-house?

    Many SEO companies outsource their workload which can negatively affect your business as it is hard  to monitor what that third-party company is actually doing to your website. You should preferably look for in-house SEO Experts.

  • What kind of changes will be required to my website and will they be noticeable?

    Do not be alarmed by this, much of what the SEO Expert will do to your website requires changes. It is important that you stress the fundamental elements of your website that need to be kept untouched.

  • Can you show me examples of your SEO work?

    Often you will hear that it’s hard to show evidence of success due to SEO largely revolving around technical competence, however your chosen SEO professional should still be able to provide you with examples of business’s that they have helped in the past. For example, keywords that was used to rank a business higher.

  • What do you you require from me?

    It is important that you aware that you may need to devote some time providing your chosen SEO Expert with as much information as they need on the range of products/services that you offer.

  • How long have you been doing SEO?

    Another perfectly fair question to ask, SEO is by no means a new skill and often the longer an SEO professional has been in business, the more experienced and adept they are to the constant changes in Search Engine Optimisation.

  • Will the SEO Expert be writing your content or will they work with existing content?

    Every SEO Expert should be proficient in SEO Copy-writing. Generally speaking they will use a balance of existing content and new content to ensure your website keeps its integrity and has the new content needed to rank your website highly.

  • Ask the SEO Expert to scope out how they would optimize your site?

    It may be probable that you don’t understand the extend to which your SEO Expert is going to optimize your website however it can not hurt to be provided with a detailed plan of what exactly is going to happen, also including estimated target dates for completion. This is to keep an eye and ensure your chosen professionals is using legitimate SEO practices and techniques SEO experts that use Blackhat which will hurt your website badly if Google Notices . Please Do not give your SEO Job to any expert that guarantees your website will rank in 3 months or few days  . Pacticially SEO does not work that way .

Don’t give your SEO work to any Expert that says

  1. We Guaranteed #1 ranking on Google : No one can Guarantee 1st on first page so don’t be carried away by such talk .
  2. They know someone at Google , or they know how Google alalgorithms Works .
  3. The have the lowest priced SEOCheap SEO kills” i got to know that after convsating with few clients who have been scammed .  You can’t really expect SEO be cheap it takes alot of hard work .

Let’s be honest. There’s no silver bullet with SEO. In fact, one reason it’s so complex is because of the myriad of things you “must” do. That can feel overwhelming.

Make sure you do a lot of home work before hiring a SEO expert ! Goodluck have it at the back of your mind that a Strong SEO means your content:

  • Ranks in search
  • Drives organic traffic
  • Converts


My name is Alamu Akinyemi peter a Digital Marketing Specialist currently the CEO of Climaxbox Digital Marketing Agency . I love improving business with my Marketing Skills and sharing my research update with people who care to know.