In SEO which should be prominent, backlinks or content

In SEO which should be prominent, backlinks or content?

In SEO which should be prominent, backlinks or content?

Firstly i will clear the air by saying both are important. Lets remember that our users/readers are very important than anything so we have to do all that is needed to give them the best.

Content, content and content. Actually it should be Quality content, not the regular, run off the mill stuff that we see released everyday, you know the 600 worders or the endless list articles. Nothing wrong with them but unless they are really original and new it’s unlikely to do anything for anyone.

Create evergreen content that is long-form and you’ll be getting the long tail searchers through SERPs and people will also have the desire to share and link to your content. Which ultimately leads to the ever increasing desire for links to be sent your way.

If you have long-term goals, writing quality content, which itself will attract natural links, is much more profitable and efficient. Links to such content will be built by your readers, who liked it and shared it with others. There is no risk and no need to invent anything.

To answer the whole question do not focus on one or the other. They are not separate and should be planned together. Do this and you will not only create more useful content, you’ve just created several relationships with people who are likely to link to the content or at the very least share it on social media.   Cheers ! 🙂 [wsrp_rating id=’79’]

Focus on adding value. Do that and SEO becomes really easy.

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