How to Improve Conversion Rate and Cost in AdWords

If Adwords is having separate Display & Search Network Campaigns then why I need to choose “Search Network with Display Select” or In which purpose or case I need to choose this..??

  • In the advance level, how I can increase the conversion rate…??
  • In the advance level, how i can reduce my cost or CPC in adwords…??

Let me answer your question one by one;

  1.  Why did Google Add Display Network and Search Network together when we have them separately. With Common, AdWords Sense i can say Google wants to make it possible to utilize both features in a Single Campaign. Sometimes you might want to group or Create both Ads on a Single Campaign, you can do that with the two (2) in one (1) Format which is Great. Hope you Understand? You can give it a try tho.
  2.  How to increase Conversion Rate: A very good Question but there are a lot of Factors involved starting from the moment you set up your account to the Last Moment Prospective Customers Land on your Site.

Let’s start from the Grass root and I will use that opportunity to Explain how to improve the Quality Score. However, all works together to have a better Campaign and good Conversion Rate.

How to Improve Conversion Rate

1. Proper Market/Industry and Keyword Research: This is very essential for your business and to have a successful campaign, to me getting to know what your Customers want and how they can perceive your brand is a key to having a successful campaign and Great valuable customers. Let me Share a couple of Google Tools; All think-with-Google Tools which are Google Market Insight Finder , Google Trends ,Google Corelate. They are wonderful tools Check them out!

2. Awesome Landing page: What do I mean why Awesome Landing Page? I meant a Landing page that will give a solution to exactly what Prospective Customers are looking for and also encourage them to take action on the site Perhaps a Call-to-Action Button or Call Button.

A site with good User Experience, Mobile Responsive and Quick to Load. Don’t use slow loading Landing page, this is one of the Factors of a Quality score, if you have a Good and Awesome landing page then you are on the way to have a Quality Score for you Campaign. To Test for Speed and Responsiveness you can use Test With Think with Google .

3. Ads Relevance and Account Structure: Having a Good Conversion rate also depends on your Ads Relevance and it is when you have a well-structured account that you will be able to display relevant Ads. Make sure your arrange your Campaigns in themes. Less I forget this helps in the Quality score, having a Good Structured and Relevant Ads helps to improve quality score which results in Reduction in CPC (Cost Per Click) , better Ads Rank, Valuable Conversion Rate.

Things we have these three ingredients then, we are good to go, we keep amending and implementing strategies. But we need enough Data/Metrics to make better decisions don’t forget to keep an eye on Google Analytics Data to know how Prospective Customers are interacting with your website. Google Search Counsel can also be helpful, for checking the Organic Search Data.

Am really glad to support you let me know if my comment was helpful. Cheers!


My name is Alamu Akinyemi peter a Digital Marketing Specialist currently the CEO of Climaxbox Digital Marketing Agency . I love improving business with my Marketing Skills and sharing my research update with people who care to know.