Which domains are more easily indexed by Google – .com or .com.ng?

The question is simple ‘Which domains are more easily indexed by Google – .com or .com.ng, with the use of common SEO knowledge google can index both Google – .com and .com.ng perfectly you can use Google Webmaster tools to submit your site to Google to enable fast indexing this will enable Googlebot to crawl your website and add it (or your newest content) to the Google index.

The question should be which of this two domain extensions should I register for my website.


  • Go for .com if you want global users.
  • Go for your country domain if you want local users.


Let’s use Google has a company: Google.com is the universal domain for Google majorly for the location US. Google has other Country domains such has google.com.ng for Nigeria. This was a great innovation to streamline and show better results for the public locally. So if you use .com.ng Domain then you simply telling Google that ‘hey this website is a Nigerian website show my website more to people who are in my country. Truth is, all domains enjoy the same level when it comes to Google indexing.

It will only be your choice if you want to dominate your country in the search.

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