What is Digital Marketing ? – Learn Digital About Digital Marketing

Let’s first split it into two Marketing and Digital, then we proceed to define the two terms.

What is Marketing?  These are activities that are involved in making people aware of a company’s products or Services. Most times they are branded Products or Services.

Since we understand the meaning of Marketing let’s define Digital describes electronic technology that generates, stores, and processes data. Let’s bring the two definitions together.

Digital Marketing is Type of Marketing and involves the use of technology or Programmatic utilities to Advertise Products and Services.  I personally call it the New Age Marketing but don’t be confused when a Marketing Specialist talks about Online Marketing.

Online Marketing is a Subtype of Digital Marketing, and it involves any Marketing activity online. In Marketing Industry Digital Marketing and Online Marketing are used interchangeable based on Market Trends. However, there are major types of Online Marketing.

1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM): These are Marketing Activities dealing with Search Engine, and there are two types; Organic Search Marketing and Paid Search Marketing.

2.  Social Media Marketing: These are Marketing activities done on Social Media Platforms, Examples are Facebook Marketing, Linkedin Marketing, Twitter Marketing, ….Instagram Market…

3. Display Advertising: This involves usage of Banner Ads to Market brands. It is mostly used for Brand awareness. You can make use of Tools such as Google AdWords Tools.

Advantage of Digital / Online Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing has advantages over Traditional Marketing Because you measure you Advertising Data such as Campaign Budget, Clicks and also Return on Investment (ROI) anytime your Advertise.

In Traditional Marketing, such Data’s stipulated above can’t be measured.

What are the Strengths of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing can be used to achieve the following:

1. Improve Brand Awareness: It’s very important to create awareness and let Prospective Customers know about your Brand name or Products. Examples of Companies in Nigeria that have utilized Brand awareness to the fullest are Konga,Jumia ,JiJi .

2. Advertising at the moment: This is also an important part of Search Advertising. Advertising at the moment when Prospective Customers are Looking for a Product results in High Return on Investment (ROI).

Research shows that when People are troubled or Curious to Learn or See something they Search it on Search Engines such has Google ,Bing ,Yahoo . And that is why Marketing using the Search network is very important however you can choose to Market using Organic Search method (Long-Term) or Pay-Per-Click Search Marketing (Short-Term).

3. Geographical,Interest,Age,Sex Targeting : This is of greater Advantage compared to the Traditional way of Marketing. Online Marketing helps to Filter and narrow Marketing to Prospective Customers which have high Probability of Converting into Sales or engaging in Services offered.

4. Measurement of Marketing Data has Stipulated in my earlier write up.

Let’s look at the Basic Terminologies of Digital Marketing; 


My name is Alamu Akinyemi peter a Digital Marketing Specialist currently the CEO of Climaxbox Digital Marketing Agency . I love improving business with my Marketing Skills and sharing my research update with people who care to know.