How did the best SEO people get so good with no schools to learn from?

How did the best SEO people get so good with no schools to learn from?

Have you ever observed that SEO people who are actually good do not actually go to a school to learn it ? So fascinating right ?

Am going to be sharing you couple of explanations on why they do not actually go to school to learn it . And i will love if you also share your own experience at the comment on how you started off as a SEO Expert or SEO Specialist for other upcoming dudes to learn .

The “best” SEO people are often not known to the world because they achieve their results without needing to advertise it. They are too busy to write advertising blog posts or advertising Facebook posts, or  to attend conferences every month.

SEO is a self-taught skill and requires a mix of real marketing skills and some technical skills. Contacting a SEO Training company might be very expensive and many can not actually pay .

So, in my experience of running an SEO agency, consulting and working in-house, I can say that working in-house gave me the best knowledge and the testimonials in LinkedIn.

In-house experience gives you the full picture. You know the business needs and the consequences of not delivering high rankings to the right audience. You get the opportunity to look at every part of the website and fix it. If you are lucky, your employer might send you to a conference where you can pick up a tip or two. An agency cannot spend the same amount of time as a staff member, but will charge a big fee. Many agencies are using outdated tactics without realizing they are out of date very soon those who use the right tactics will outrank them regardless of their domain age .

In SEO you have to keep learning and making use of the best practice for your clients don’t forget “Your users are your priority make sure your give them the best site experience trust me Google will reward you .

Aditya Bajaj, founder of mindmyweb shared his experience below : 

hi I am going to answer this from experiance : I have always been passionate about building better websites and getting our clients great success – in 2012 I started Mindmyweb my web company and we did not think much of seo at the time we knew what we had to do but we never saw great results – work was always more then we needed so this got side tracked until we started building some serious projects like and recipee the sites both took about 12 months to make and then we decided that long term success will only come with seo . At some point we found ahref( paid seo profiling tool) which really opened our eyes to what is really going on . Over time we looked at other tools and started taking courses on udemy that gave us ideas.

we also moved our infrastructure to AWS and we were passionate about have the best infrastructure we pushed and pushed and one day we saw crazy jumps in our search engine rankings – we then implemented https and saw another set of crazy jumps – we now look at our serp status 2–3 times a day and have ranked 119 of 112 keywords we started with .

we keep searching for new tricks and oppertunities to grow our mix and get better results .

one day it all it all suddenly clicked and then we realiseed seo is analytical and technical there is no room for guess work or shortcuts. Then the only thing to do is make your strategy that gets you you the results fast .

to summarise the answer I will put it into three points

  • there’s nothing like experience
  • can you keep pushing and pushing till you get it right
  • there are no shortcuts in seo – do not buy back in cost
  • you can’t do seo without good seo analytics
  • you need to work on your technology and never settle for less

today after 5 years of learning I launched mindmysearch to help business achieve there SEO goals

google is doing a good job overall on its algorithm and in 2016 you really need to know what your doing for future success . There is a very thin line between success and failure in seo

You can ask questions and share your own thoughts . You will also like to read Why is Search engine Marketing important ?


My name is Alamu Akinyemi peter a Digital Marketing Specialist currently the CEO of Climaxbox Digital Marketing Agency . I love improving business with my Marketing Skills and sharing my research update with people who care to know.