Read About Adwords Quality Score

I will like to share with you “How to improve Quality Score in Google Adwords” Let’s take them one by one the major ingredient needed to improve the quality score of the Adwords Campaign and will result in better Ads position and Decrease in Cost-per-click.

1. Expected Click through Rate : Expected CTR is Google’s estimation rate at which ad viewers will click through from your ads to your landing page. In calculating Expected CTR, Google considers how well your keyword has performed historically, based on the position of your ad. Google assigns your keyword a rating of above average, average or below average, using only the exact match keyword.

2. Ad Relevance: Is a very important Factor in Online Marketing Generally, in fact, Google critically look at that factor because Google’s aim is to give the best result to users Searching for Information, Products, and Services. This is an encouragement to Online Marketers to make sure your Ads are Relevant, then you will have a Good Quality Score during your Campaign. I always say “Do what is needed to be done to give your Prospective Customers the best, then expect Google’s Reward !”.

3. Landing page Experience: landing page experience is evaluated based on: Relevant (determined mostly by the presence of keywords on the page), useful and original content Transparency and trustworthiness Ease of navigation Encouraging visitors to spend time on your site

4. Quality Score: The default score when you start your campaign is 6/10 , then as you proceed their will variations in all keywords . As for me, I delete or move keywords less than 8/10 . Either I delete it or I move it to another Group or create another group to make it more relevant to my Ads. Google gives you better positions and decreases Cost -per-click when you have improved quality score.

Recommendation: You should include the keyword in the Headline text and clearly state a compelling value proposition related to that keyword. Relevance is paramount because it means you are delivering what is being searched for The Landing Page title should ideally, contain the keyword and the copy on the landing page should delve into it. A keyword density of just under 5% on the landing page text is ideal; don’t overdue it. Remember to write landing page copy for the human visitor, not the Google bots. “Give them what they are searching for” should be the guiding principle (relevancy). Cheers!


My name is Alamu Akinyemi peter a Digital Marketing Specialist currently the CEO of Climaxbox Digital Marketing Agency . I love improving business with my Marketing Skills and sharing my research update with people who care to know.